How to generate a CSR for an SSL certificate?

  1.     Log in to cPanel.
  2.     Locate the SSL/TLS Manager and click on it to load.

SSL manager

  1.     Select Private Keys (KEY) from the SSL/TLS menu.
  2.     Select a key size of 2048 bits and click Generate.

Generate CSR

  1.     Go back to the SSL Manager main menu and click Certificate Signing Requests (CSR).
  2.     Fill out the CSR form correctly and click Generate.
  3.     Select your CSR from the drop down menu and click View.

The code below is an example of the generated CSR.


You will need to copy & paste this CSR code into your order form for where you are purchasing your SSL Certificate from. If you are purchasing an SSL Certificate through FIFO HOST, please contact our Sales & Billing support department as we have automated SSL installation.

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